5 Best Wired Headset With Microphone For Cell Phone 2022

If you are finding the best headset with mic for cell phone, you should decide what you want. Wireless headphone suffers some problems such as battery problem, noise etc. For this WikiTECH Products become to give you a proper review on the best wired headset with microphone for cell phone.

Usually people search about the best headset for cell phone to listening music or personal use. But we are going to inform you about those headphones which you can also record your voice, talk on phone call, for WhatsApp, messenger or skype video and audio call. Same headset you can use with iPhone, android phone and also laptop computer.

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When thinking about the best wireless headphones for cell phones, the obvious distraction is distraction. Noise has also become the main cause of distraction and reduces productivity resulting in more people consuming more. It is very important to reduce them, if possible. You need a good headset that can block out loud sounds. You will also require a sounding sense. We work at home. There are not many meetings on line. Hence more zoom meetings and responsibilities will be held internally. Maybe you are communicating via telephone?

What are the Best Wired Headsets with Microphone for Cell Phone? – Top 5 Choices of 2022

  1. Jabra Evolve 40 Professional Wired Headset – Overall best wired headset for phone calls
  2. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wired Gaming Headset
  3. OneOdio Studio Pro-10 – best wired headset for phone calls
  4. Wantek Cell Phone Headset
  5. Sonitum Headset with Microphone – cheapest headset with microphone for cell phone

How to choose the best headphones with a mic for voice and video calls for you?

For offline buying to choose the best headset with mic for cell phone follow these intruction –

  1. Check connector:There are so many problems that can be caused by the headphone connector, such as connector compatibility, jack crack, wire connectivity, etc. To check this-
    • Connect headphone to your Android phone or iPhone.
    • Check if it’s the same type of jack or not. If different, don’t buy this. because the extra converter may be forgotten. So, jack compatibility is a must.
    • Check the wire and headphone jack connection points.
    • After connecting the headphone jack, open a music and try to check the audio delivery through the speaker.
    • Open the voice recorder and record your voice, then listen to determine if the mic is working or not.
  2. Check wire:You should check the length of wire, quality, and defects. Some headphone wire make net-like patch. Some wires are patch free. Sometimes wire can defect, so it also should be checked by you.
  3. Check the microphone quality:By recording a voice or by calling your friend, you can check the heaphones mic quality.
  4. Sound quality checkup:You can listen to music. Is the sound quality of the podcast and phone call sufficient to determine if the sound quality is adequate or not? You should also check the frequency, sensitivity, driver size, and compatibility with your ears. Please choose a headset that you feel comfortable using for a long time.

For online buying of headphones, you should check to choose the best one –

  1. Check headphone jack type:2.5 mm, 3,5 mm, or USB. Normally, Android phones contain a 3.5mm headphone jack. You should buy something similar.
  2. Check headphone frequency response, It should be approximately 20Hz to 20000 Hz (20kHz).
  3. Check sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the louder sound can be produced.
  4. Check wire length because short wires sometimes make problems using.
  5. Check if it contains mic or not.
  6. Search on the internet (google or bing) to see other reviews to make sure the headset quality is good. But I would prefer to see Amazon’s or other market places’ comments by verified purchasers. Because they have already bought it from there and used it.

Comparison Table among the best 5 wired headphone with mic for cell phone

HeadphoneColorStyleDriverFrequency Response:SensitivityJack typeCord Length
Jabra Evolve 40 Professional Wired HeadsetBlackOn-ear28 mm70 Hz to 20 kHz93.6 dB3.5mm95cm & 120cm
SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wired Gaming HeadsetBlackOver-ear40mm10 Hz to 40 kHz102 dB3.5mm300 cm
OneOdio Studio Pro-10BlackOver-ear50 mm20Hz-40kHz110dB6.35mm & 3.5mm298 cm
Wantek Cell Phone HeadsetBlackOn-ear28 mm25 Hz to 18 kHz90 db3.5 mm160 cm
Sonitum Headset with MicrophoneGray-backOn-ear40 mm50 Hz to 16 kHz85 dB3.5 mm150 cm

Review On Best Wired Headset With Microphone For Cell Phones

1. Jabra Evolve 40 Professional Wired Headset

The Jabra Evolve 40 Professional is the overall best wired headset with microphone for cell phone. When it comes to sound quality, sensitivity, and noise cancellation, nothing can beat this professional grade headset. 71% of verified customers on Amazon gave five-star rating. On the basis of customer satisfaction, Amazon gives the title “Amazon’s Choice.”

The Jabra Evolve 40 pro headset is built for greater productivity and amazing sound quality for your work. The design is pretty simple and doesn’t attract much attention.

Jabra Evolve 40 Wired Headset has 3.5mm audio jack to connect with your iPhone or Android mobile phone. It also has a USB connector to increase its flexibility by connecting with a laptop or computer via USB port.

It eliminates background noise with a state-of-the-art noise cancelling microphone. The great noise cancellation power ensures you can listen to music without disturbance from environmental noise. You can also answer/reject your calls and control music easily by taking them off.

Transfer calls from PC to smartphone with Jabra Intelligent Call Transfer and take calls directly on the headset. Busylight makes it more interesting. When you are on a phone call, the busylight turns on automatically. As a result, you never miss a phone call from a loved one or a close friend. For these, it may be the best wired headset for phone calls.


  •  Flexible connectivity with 3.5mm headphone jack and USB
  •  Noise Cancellation feature
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, desktop
  •  High quality audio and enough loud for outdoor use


  • Expensive
  •  Sometime shows problem on long time use.

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2. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wired Gaming Headset

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 are the wired version of the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless, and they are decent gaming headphones with an excellently-performing boom microphone. They are available in black or white. Although they are reasonably sturdy, their construction is plasticky and brittle, which is in keeping with their entry-level price point. They have 40mm drivers and a closed-back, over-the-ear design, making them great for competitive gaming on your mobile phone.

In addition, they do not support the SteelSeries Engine, which provides customization options. However, they are extremely lightweight, and thanks to their 1/8″ TRRS connector, they are compatible with virtually all gaming platforms in terms of audio and microphone functionality. They can be a good option for people who are looking for a simple and versatile headset that is not too expensive.

This is the best wired headset for phone calls, gaming, Skype, and other video calling. The interesting and unique feature is the highly powerful and detachable microphone. It provides great sound on phone call and for gaming.


  •  Excellent performance, gives high quality audio
  •  Removable microphone.


  •  The construction is cheap and plasticky.
  •  Customization options are not supported by the software.
  •  The way bass and treble are delivered varies a lot between users.

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3. OneOdio Studio Pro-10 | Best Studio Monitor & Mixing DJ Stereo Headsets

OneOdio Studio Pro-10 is an over-ear DJ headphone with a dynamic bass sound that is ideal for mixing. It comes with a 50 mm driver that delivers sound with precision and clarity, a 20 Hz – 40 kHz frequency response to produce accurate bass sounds, and an embedded microphone with single button remote controls.

The 50mm neodymium driver faithfully reproduces all of your music’s dynamics while also delivering the controlled bass that DJs and audiophiles require for their setup. Do you know that the maximum high-quality DJ headphones contain 40mm driver to produce high quality audio? But it has 50mm driver. It can reproduce sound more accurate than DJ headphones.

A digital DJ mixer, mixer panel, turntable, and monitoring in recording studios are just a few of the many applications for which it is ideal. It can also be used for film production, video, electronic news gathering, and virtually any other application in which high quality sound is required. In addition, the Studio Pro-10 is a highly adaptable headphone that can be naturally adjusted to fit any head size.

If you are using a single-ear monitor, the ear-cups can be rotated both left and right. So whether you’re a DJ, an audio engineer, or a musician, these headphones are going to make your work so much easier and your sound that much better. This makes it the best wired headphones for mobile phones.Moreover, it can be folded flat and stored in the specially designed pouch when not in use.

Studio Pro-10 headphones are made of black matte plastic with glossy finish trims, some of which have a slightly rubbery feel to them. They are a durable pair of headphones with a stylish appearance. It is durable enough to be used to set up the DJ booth and to be worn on a regular basis.

It’s premium and comfort design will force you to fall in love with it. Microphone is also the great. Connecting call and talk, and simply adjusting the volume buttons and so much features are in it.

Why do we call it the best wired headset with microphone for cell phone? Because it produces professional DJ or studio quality sound, it has an awesome mic, foldability, and passive noise cancelling power. You can call form anywhere without any disturbance. Can produce high resolution audio that’s ensure clear and crisp sound for the user.


  •  Frequency response 20 Hz-40 kHz
  •  50mm Neodymium Drivers
  •  Useful for recording voice, song
  •  3.5mm or 6.35mm audio jack


  •  No 2.5mm & USB connectivity

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4. Wantek Cell Phone Headset

The Wantek Cell Phone Headset is the best wired headphones for mobile phones. This amazing phone headset is reported to be the most lightweight, inexpensive, and comfortable way of doing things.

3.5 mm headphone jack to ensure cell phone compatibility. However, you can extend its use to your Android phone, iPhone, or computer by using a headphone converter or splitter.

It’s easier to fit in your ears and stay there, making it ideal for running, exercising, and answering calls at a reasonable price. We recommend this for anyone that’s looking for a simple headset to use when you are at home, in the office, in vehicles anywhere.

It is simple to adjust the headset volume up or down, as well as to answer or end a call. An ideal computer headset for Skype chat, call center work (including recording calls on YouTube), office work (including conference calls), dictation (including Rosetta Stone and Dragon Speaking), online courses (including webinars), podcasting (including podcasting), and more.

With a flexible and adjustable headband, you can easily adjust and bend it to fit any head size, relieving the headset of pressure. It assists you in achieving the optimal wearing position.

Only 78 gm in weight. The ultra-lightweight 3.5mm computer headset is easy on the head and ear, helps you concentrate on your calls, and provides all-day comfort. This makes its the best wired headset for phone calls.


  •  Lightweight and fully adjustable headband
  •  3300 Rotatable Microphone


  •  Low quality design and ear-cup

5. Sonitum Headset with Microphone

With the Sonitum Headset with Microphone, you get a noise-canceling computer headset for the office, meetings, and chat sessions, as well as comfortable over-ear headphones with a rotating microphone. The headset also has a 3.5 jack for universal cell phone connectivity.

Sonitum headset comes with a microphone that has noise-reduction technology. This means that your clients, your bosses, or your team can all hear you clearly at all times.

These headsets with a microphone are great for busy office environments or for when you’re on the go. They’ll help you sound more professional at all times.

Because of its rotating design, you can completely customize the position and size of the microphone to ensure that it is the most comfortable fit for your face. Furthermore, when you are not on a call, you can easily raise the microphone out of your line of sight until it is time to pick up the phone for another call.

The best part? When you use them for a long time, their over-the-ear design gives you the best possible comfort. Additionally, their universal noise cancellation feature allows you to minimize background noise for the best possible call! A built-in volume control wheel and an adjustable headband give you ultimate control over your listening experience.

It can be folded. So, you can carry it without problem when you are travelling. You can carry it when you are going outdoors, especially to the gymnasium.


  •  Stereo headset with microphone
  •  Cheapest wired headset with microphone for cell phone
  •  Over-ear headphone


  •  Audio Quality is not at professional level
  •  Plastic body.

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What are the best headphones for Zoom meetings?


For Zoom meetings, you should choose a small but loud and better quality mic with your headphones. The Jabra Evolve 40 Professional Wired Headset is the best headphone for zoom meatings. It has a crystal clear sound and it can be used for 8 hours continuously.

Which headphones are good for calls?


The best quality headphones are –

  1. Jabra Evolve 40 Professional Wired Headset
  2. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wired Gaming Headset
  3. OneOdio Studio Pro-10

Which is the best USB headset for phone calls?


Jabra Evolve 40 Professional has the USB connector. It also has 3.5 mm headphone connector. Moreover, it has noise cancelation feature, 93 dB sensivity, etc. That makes this the best USB headphone for phone calls.

Are noise-canceling headphones good for phone calls?


Yes, the noise cancellation feature of heapdhone helps to reduce the noise in your environment. Sometimes, you may be in market, on road, or on journey. To hear clear sound, you require noise cancellation and loud headphones.

Can you use beats for zoom calls?


Yes, you can. Beats solo 3 headset helps to do this

Can I use Bose headphones with Zoom?


Yes, you can. The headphones contain a powerful mic and sound production, can be used for Zoom meeting, Meet or Skype. Bose QuietComfort 35 and others Bose headset can easily use for meeting.


The Wired Headset for Cell Phones is an essential for phone calls, Zoom meetings, Skype, and other video or audio calls. You can also use wireless, but that is more costly and potentially problematic. In this article, we compared headphones by their sound quality, sensitivity, features, mics, etc. And the best wired headset for phone calls goes to the Jabra Evolve 40. From our experiments, it works as the best wired headset with mic for Android. We do not have an iPhone. So, the best headset with a microphone for iPhone prize has been canceled. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is all for today. We will meet with  band new article. Till then, have a nice day.

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