How to use Bluetooth and Noise Cancelling at the same time?

Noise Cancellation is the feature of headphones that block outer sound, environmental noise, and allow you to listen only to music, songs or podcasts. On the other hand, Bluetooth is the wireless connection technology that is widely used in the headphone industry.

How to Bluetooth headphones works?

Bluetooth headphone works based on wireless Bluetooth technology. The latest version of Bluetooth technology is Bluetooth 5.0, which can cover 10 meters distance around the host device. Now a days, almost mobile phone has built in Bluetooth. But to connect headphone with Bluetooth or wirelessly you have to buy a wireless headphone. The best is that headphone which can connect via wired and wireless both.

How to connect your headphone by Bluetooth?

Follow the following steps

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth headphone and keep it in pairing mood.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth form your mobile, normally you can find Bluetooth option at notification while you slide up to down on your Android set.
  3. A list of Bluetooth devices will be displayed, select your headphone name and pair.

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Now you are wirelessly connected with your wireless headphone.

How wireless headphone can play realtime music form your phone?

Wireless headphones are use Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth is a short-range communication system which can transmit and receive information form another device. The sender device produces wireless radio signal with short strength and spread it every side. On the other side, the receiver collects the signal and store or play the information (music).

But here is a problem, there will not any safety of information here. So why pairing to devices is so important. It enables to identify who is the correct receiver. For this, signal not goes to unauthentic person.

What Is Active Noise Cancellation and How Does It Work?

Active Noise Cancellation isolates your headphones from the outside world, letting you to concentrate on your music, podcasts, or movies. The technology’s goal is to eliminate or at least reduce unpleasant sounds.

These coveted devices work by processing the sound around the headphones and the wearers and creating the opposite sound to actively cancel out ambient noise. They are also known as active noise canceling headphones.

These coveted devices work by processing the sound around the headphones and the wearers and creating the opposite sound to actively cancel out ambient noise. They are also known as active noise canceling headphones. In general, noise-canceling headphones work best to reduce noise heard at lower frequencies. This is why they are popular for activities like train travel, airplanes, and even busy workplaces. However, because they do not eliminate noise or create silence and instead simply cancel low-frequency hum, they are not as effective in environments where there are extremely loud noises or high-pitched sounds. Even the best noise-canceling headphones won’t completely eliminate surrounding noises.

Can you use Bluetooth and noise cancelling at the same time on the same headphones?

Yes, you can use Bluetooth connection and noise cancelling feature at the same time on the same headphone. Although may be lower headphones can not provide this. Normally for battery saving the Active noise cancelation feature is turned off while headphone is running wirelessly. So, you have to turn on it manually.

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What are the best Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones?


Actually, the best headphone vary depending on use, price, performance and expectation. The overall best headphones list is –

  • Sony WH-1000XM4
  • COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone
  • Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Anker Soundcore Life Q20
  • Apple AirPods Pro

What are noise cancelling headphones?


Noise Cancelling headphone or Active noise cancelling headphones are that which can detect and reduce the sound around you. This feature ensures to listen only the headphones sound. It detect environment sound frequency and produce reverse frequency sound to cancel out that. So, user do not disturb for surrounding.


The wireless connectivity and noise cancellation both are great features can be used together. You will get full advantages to separate phone and listing musing in noisy environment. But also have some problems. All headphones are not able to do that. This consumes your headphone battery to high. So, you can do it at home or charging facilitated places, but it should not be used for journey.

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